Instructor Steven Ayokee

Steven Ayokee

Owner/Head Instructor

Favorite painting style: art deco

Steven Ayokee is a talented artist and illustrator based in New York City. He brings his encouraging teaching style, his soothing spirit and his passion for art to each of his students at The Art Studio NY. Due to Garold’s success with his traditional artistic training, Jake shares his innate artistic talents, his artistic training and his teaching expertise in all of his classes in the art studio. Particularly passionate about drawing and illustration, he describes his art as the following: “I create drawings that utilize my interest in line and composition to explore a personal subject matter shaped by memories and life experiences. The drawings deal with an American, and more broadly, human narrative that is left to be digested and understood by the imagination of the viewer. The result is a drawing that is both realistically rendered, but also an illusion created from line”. Garold has a wide variety of artistic teaching experience. His love of teaching has led him to instruct art classes for every age from pre-school children to senior citizens.


  • Favorite Artists– Frank Frazetta
  • Favorite Painting to View- The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse
  • Favorite Painting to Instruct- Monet’s Bridge
  • Favorite Music for Painting- Indie Rock
  • Hobbies- Painting, Reading, anything Science-Fiction Fantasy
  • Fun Fact- I have taken off in an airplane more times than I have landed in one.